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Technology Innovation With Asus Padfone

ASUS Padfone

Innovation is the name of technology and so Asus has come out with an innovative product called Asus Padfone. The Asus Padfone is speculated to be priced at $1000. This product is a Smartphone that fits into the dock of the tablet and has an Android platform.

The phone features

The ASUS Padfone is a Smartphone that runs on Android. This Smartphone fits in the specifically designed dock in the Asus tablet. The tablet is good to look at and the Smartphone fits well in the doc provided. Overall, the Padfone has metallic edges with glossy black bezel. The Padfone has a super AMOLED touch-screen that measures 4.3 inches and 960x540resolution. The buttons provided for locking the screen and power on are well designed; the left hand side of the device contains USB port to facilitate charging, it also has an HDMI port for multimedia support functionality. These ports can be used when you dock the Padfone in the station and then connect it for charging or to your TV for viewing videos.

This phone has a dual-core 1.5GHz processor with 1GB RAM, this clearly indicates that it is capable of performing heavy internet and gaming activities without any lag. It has internal memory storage of 32GB; this too is expandable with the card slot provided at the rear end.

The Padfone Station

When we look at the innovative concept of Padfone by Asus, in one glance it is easy to notice the modular design approach incorporated. As soon as you place the phone in the Padfone station, you will be able to display the contents into a tablet with 10.1 inches of screen. All you need to do is slip the phone in the Padfone station and within a few seconds of locking the phone the device is ready to use.

The memory, processor and connectivity options are already available in the phone but the tablet is facilitated with a battery power of 6600mAh. This tablet supports 900 and 2100MHz (3G) in Australia. The only drawback it seems to have is that it is relatively bulkier as compared to other products. The thickness of the station measures 13.5mm, this is why it seems thick. When the phone is in the dock the whole device weighs 853 grams, this is clearly indicative how much heavy this device becomes when compared to other Android devices.

The overall the design is attractive but then again there is a flaw when it comes to the latch of the Padfone station. When you keep the device flat on a surface you will find it rocking due to the latch door protrusion. This creates a hindrance if you are trying to type with on-screen keyboard.

Apps and the functionality

Even after bringing out an innovative product in the technology market, the reason this might not catch the fancy of a techno geek is the lack of apps. A user will be disappointed when it comes to apps; most of the apps available for Android devices are unavailable for Padfone as these are yet to be designed according to the screen size of the tablet. Nevertheless, a user will find basic apps like Twitter, Spotify and Facebook.

You need to be careful while handling Padfone, especially when you are already working on an app or constructing an e-mail. Remember not to remove it from the device, this will result in loss of work or remove the app from the tablet.

Asus Padfone


When it comes to the performance of this tablet one might find it disappointing at times. when you are swiping through the startup screen on your Padfone then you may find it working smooth; performing the same function while the phone is in the doc will somewhat lag in performance and seem sluggish. Another thing to notice is that the apps seem to work fine on the phone as compared to tablet view. The screen flickers for a split second when dislodging the phone from the station.

Software of Asus Padfone

The software used in this device is Vanilla by Google (Android). The user will find some added apps that are provided by Google. For example, MyCloud for storing 32GB data online that is available for three years, File manager for managing documents, MyNet for media and content (DLNA) and MyLibrary.

Additionally a user will also find other basic apps such as weather widgets, e-mail functionality and a utility for Padfone Station.

Camera and Multimedia

Padfone has 8mp camera, you will be able to capture decent pictures and shoot good videos. The sharpness of color and image quality is good. The functionality of autofocus is not as expected. However, the camera quality is better when plugged into the station. The device contains a front facing camera for video chat with 1080p HD recorder.

In addition to camera, you will find a speaker right next to the docket; this is capable of loud and clear voice. Another interesting thing to notice is the stylus that doubles up the duty of a Bluetooth headset. You can use it on the tablet as well as receive call while the phone is plugged in the device.

All that can be said about this product is that it does seem worth it when it comes to concept technology. Asus Padfone is scheduled to launch on 14 August, lets us hope that this device is successful in pulling majority of technology users.

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